Programmable Torque Tools

Say goodbye to reaction bars, arms, torque tubes, and other related devices!

Thankfully there are DC electric hand-held assembly tools now available on the market that incorporate pulse technology into their systems, virtually eliminating any torque reaction being transferred to the operator.  This of course eliminates the need for torque reaction devices like torque arms, tubes, and reaction bars.  For all of the engineers and Health & Safety people out there looking to tool manned assembly cells, this should prove to be a welcomed development. 

Fully compliant with ISO 5393; 3% at 6σ; manufactured according to ISO 9001; RoHs compliant; most Fieldbuses are available, including CC-Link; controllers with simplified PLC functions, including AND, OR, and timer control, permitting ladder logic creation; compliant with barcode readers, etc.

If you have a hand-held application & you’d like to avoid the nuisance of contending with torque reaction please feel free to make contact.  We’d be happy to help out.

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