Weber Systems: Effectively Blow-Feed Short Fasteners

Weber Screwdriving Systems Inc. has been designing and building assembly tools and related equipment for tough and demanding applications since 1956. “In this video, Jamie Muir, the owner of Redhook Supply, talks about Weber’s unique ability to blow-feed and install short screws.”

One of the main advantages with the Weber Screwdriving System is that it can drive much shorter fasteners.

So conventionally in our industry, we ask for the screw length to be twice the screwhead diameter. There are two reasons for that:

Many people need don’t have nearly the precise feed tube;

Or they have a tube that is welded essentially onto another tube that creates an elliptical shape where fasteners have a tendency to tumble.

That’s why they want you to have a longer fastener.

With Weber’s swivel arm, it’s actually a tube inside of a tube. So you avoid creating that elliptical shape, and avoid creating that tendency for fasteners to tumble. And that means you can actually drive much smaller fasteners.

With regards to our feed tube, what we do is we take the diameter of the screwhead, bring it to its closest millimetre and add one. And that becomes the ID of the tube we select. So, it allows us to drive much shorter fasteners.

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