Motorized Exhaust Reels

Simply the best solution for use in workshops with high ceilings, where over­head cranes are in use, and where tall vehicles need unencumbered maneuverability.

These units are operated via IR control or pendant control, and a receiving eye on the reel itself illustrates the status of operation. Electronic upper and lower limit switches help reduce the risk of malfunction and unnecessary wearing of the hose. Fan start/stop is automatically controlled. The mounting of fan directly on the reel is available as well. Furthermore, all programs are maintained when a power failure occurs. If the power is cut the electro-magnetic brake will lock the drum instantly.

The Nederman line of Motorized Exhaust reels are available in short body or wide body, and can be ordered with or without the hose.  The hose itself is offered in a variety of diameters and lengths.  Our office would be happy to help you select the best solution for your particular application.


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